Northern Ora

Why Salves:

Northern Ora chose to use salves over hand creams to allow an easier packaging and transferring process. Northern Ora's salves are designed to be able to be thrown in your backpack while you're hiking in the bush, your purse, diaper bag, first aid kit and not spill.

How are Salves Made:

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Northern Ora has a number of salves that they produce with sustainably harvested, seasonal plants. Each plant is either grown here in the Yukon, is grown in a greenhouse by the foragers, or is imported from an organic, GMO free farm depending on the plant.
Once the herbs are carefully select from the wild, they go through a number of natural processes before they reach the containers. First they are dried then, made into oil by sun infusion for a couple days and depending on the plant heat infusion afterwards. As soon as the oil is ready the oil is blended with bee's wax and essential oils, poured into tins, labelled, and packaged for delivery.

The bee's wax used in the salves is from BeeWhyld, local be keepers in Watson Lake, Yukon.
 Most essential oils used are ordered from Melaleuca's essential oil line.

What Salves Do We Sell:

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Dandelion Salve
Loosen Up
Leather Conditioner
Keep checking back for more salves