Northern Ora

What Is Northern Ora:

Northern Ora is a company owned and operated by Liz and Jordan Berry of Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada. Northern Ora's mission is to supply customers with sustainable harvested, healthy products. They specialize in Chaga and Herbal Teas of multiple flavours, Herbal Salves and other Health Products.

How Does Northern Ora Ensure Sustainable Harvest:

Northern Ora only supplies products that are sustainably harvested. They can be sure of this as most of the products are harvested by Liz or Jordan.

The beeswax used in a number of the salves and other health products is from Bee Whyld Apiaries, in the Yukon. Northern Ora ensured firsthand that the harvested wax was harvested humanely with no chemicals or harm to the honey bees. For more information visit .

 Refer to the Chaga tab on this site to see how Northern Ora harvested the Chaga.

The other herbs that can't be grown in the harsh climate of the Yukon, have been shipped in and are 100% organic and are not genetically modified.

What Does Northern Ora Mean:

Northern Ora got its name by combining the two nationalities of Jordan and Liz, New Zealand and Canada.
Northern comes from the Yukon, it being in the northern part of Canada.
Ora comes from the New Zealand, Maori word, meaning to be alive, fit and well.

Resulting in Northern Ora meaning Northern Wellness.

Who Carries Northern Ora Products:

Northern Ora stocks a couple stores in the Whitehorse, and Watson Lake area.

Midnight Sun Emporium                                                                   
205 C Main St,                                                              
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2B2                                             

Riverside Grocery
201 Lowe St,
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 1W5

Aroma Borealis
504 Main St.
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2B9

Bean North Coffee Roasting Company
5-5 Hotspings Rd.
Whitehorse, YT

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Watson Lake:
Hougen's Department Store

803 Frank Trail
Watson Lake, YT, Y0A 1C0

107 Campbell Way
Watson Lake, YT, Y0A 1C0

Surrounding Areas:

Johnson's Crossing Lodge
Mile 836 Alaska Hwy
Johnsons Crossing, YT, Y0A 1B0

Tetsa River Lodge
375 of the Alaska Hwy
Fort Nelson, BC, V0C 1R0

Chinook Honey Company
386087 16th St. W
Okotoks, AB, T1S 1A1